World Vegan Day: 5 Vegan Diet Health Benefits

In celebration of World Vegan Day, here are 5 science-based health benefits of a vegan diet.


Today is World Food Day 2017: Change the Future of Migration

Today is World Food Day. World Food Day is both a day of action against hunger for those who are starving from lack of food and a day to promote worldwide awareness of the need to provide enough, nutritious food for everyone. World Food Day is celebrated in 150 countries around the world, making…

Scientists Detect Malaria in 15 Minutes with 20-cent Paper Centrifuge

Stanford bioengineers have created an ultra-low-cost, hand-spun centrifuge that separates blood into its individual components in only 1.5 minutes.

January is National Cervical Health Awareness Month

The goal of National Cervical Health Awareness Month is to raise awareness about how women can protect themselves from HPV and cervical cancer.

Rare Disease Day 2016: Patient Voice

Rare Disease Day 2016 recognizes the crucial role that rare disease patients play in voicing their needs and instigating change.

Rare Disease Day 2016: Patient Voice

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Health Highlight: We’re All Suffering from ‘Successaholism’ and It Needs to Stop

Call it workaholism or “successaholism”, it’s a problematic cycle because it eventually leads to burnout and worse job performance.

Health Highlight: We’re All Suffering from ‘Successaholism’ and It Needs to Stop

Anti-parasite Drugs and the Nobel Prize for Medicine

The 2015 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was announced earlier this week [1]. The prize was awarded to three scientists who developed therapies by looking at natural, local substances, against parasitic infections.
The prize of 8-million-Swedish-krona ($1.2-million USD) was divided, with o…

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