Rare Disease Day 2016: Patient Voice

Rare Disease Day 2016 recognizes the crucial role that rare disease patients play in voicing their needs and instigating change.

Rare Disease Day 2016: Patient Voice

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Health Highlight: We’re All Suffering from ‘Successaholism’ and It Needs to Stop

Call it workaholism or “successaholism”, it’s a problematic cycle because it eventually leads to burnout and worse job performance.

Health Highlight: We’re All Suffering from ‘Successaholism’ and It Needs to Stop

Anti-parasite Drugs and the Nobel Prize for Medicine

The 2015 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was announced earlier this week [1]. The prize was awarded to three scientists who developed therapies by looking at natural, local substances, against parasitic infections.
The prize of 8-million-Swedish-krona ($1.2-million USD) was divided, with o…

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Dying Matters: Talk,Plan, Live

During Dying Matters Awareness Week, everyone should talk openly with those closest to them about dying, death and bereavement


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