Monthly Archives: May 2012

Scientists Develop Video Game to Help Stroke Victims Regain Limb Function

A group of stroke researchers at Newcastle University have developed a video game to help stoke patients regain limb function.


Caregiving with Love: Five Tips to Better Healing

Whether it’s your wife or husband or child, or a relative or close friend you are caring for, it is paramount that you become the best caregiver possible for your loved one.

Android App for Those Concerned about Cell Phone Radiation

A company called Tawkon has developed an app for the Android phone that can predict when a phone is most likely to be emitting high levels of radiofrequency waves (RF).

No Convincing Evidence that Cell Phones Cause Cancer

A new report by the U.K. Health Protection Agency’s independent Advisory Group on Non-ionising Radiation (AGNIR) has concluded that there is no convincing evidence that mobile phone technologies cause adverse effects on human health.

Cellular Dynamics International: Top 10 Innovative Biomedicine Companies in 2012

Cellular Dynamics International is one of 10 biomedicine companies included in Technology Review’s 50 Most Innovative Companies (TR50) for 2012.

Genetic Test Results Do Not Trigger Increased Use of Health Services

Participation in genetic testing does not appreciably drive up or diminish test recipients’ demand for potentially costly follow-up health services.

New Breathalyzer Checks for Signs of Disease

A new breath analyzer called the Single Breath Disease Diagnostics Breathalyzer has the capacity to check for a variety of biomarkers, or biological indicators, of disease.

May is Mental Health Month 2012

Mental Health Month raises awareness of mental health conditions and mental wellness for all. This year’s themes are ‘Do More for 1 in 4’ and ‘Healing Trauma’s Invisible Wounds’.

New Imaging Technique Allows Study of Human Heart Conduction Fibers

Researchers at the University of Liverpool in the U.K. have developed a method of 3D visualization for the conducting pathways of the heart.