Monthly Archives: July 2012

Oral Immunotherapy Shows Promise as Treatment for Egg Allergy

An NIH-funded study suggests that egg therapy helps children overcome their allergies.


Breathable, Implantable Microcomputers that Conform to the Human Body

At TEDMED 2012, MC10’s Chief Executive Officer David Icke describes the biostamp.

F1000 Research Publishes First Articles

Last week, F1000 announced the publication of F1000 Research’s first few articles under an innovative, new open access publishing program for biology and medicine.

Study Suggests Light-to-Moderate Drinking During Pregnancy Is Ok

A series of studies suggest that there is no impact of low-to-moderate alcohol use during pregnancy upon the intelligence or attention span of the resulting child. Still, U.S. organizations advise complete abstinence.

Life Technologies: Top 10 Innovative Biomedicine Companies in 2012

Life Technologies is one of 10 biomedicine companies included in Technology Review’s 50 Most Innovative Companies (TR50) for 2012.

Red Cross Blood Supply at Emergency Levels

The Red Cross recently announced that its blood supply has reached emergency levels.

Coffee May Mitigate Risk Of Heart Failure

New study suggests moderate coffee consumption may be associated with reduced risk of heart failure as compared to limited or excessive consumption.

Improving Anti-seizure Technology

Scientists at Johns Hopkins University are developing a new early warning system for seizures that is sensitive enough to detect imminent seizures without setting off a large number of false alarms.