Monthly Archives: January 2013

Some Children Lose Symptoms, Diagnosis of Autism

Researchers have found that some children who are accurately diagnosed in early childhood with autism lose the symptoms and the diagnosis as they grow older.


Study Identifies Itch-specific Nerves

New research has identified elusive sensory neurons that are dedicated to relaying itchy sensations from the top layers of skin to the spinal cord.

CDC Reports Flu “Moderately Severe”, Google Suggests Worse Outbreak

Forty-seven states in the U.S. are reporting widespread influenza activity and the virus has reached epidemic levels. Google Flu Trends suggests it could get worse.

Food Tank’s 13 Resolutions to Change the Food System in 2013

Food Tank offers 13 resolutions to change the food system in 2013, real changes with long-term impacts on plates and in fields and boardrooms all over the world.