Monthly Archives: March 2013

Mayo Clinic Study: Top 10 Reasons We Go to the Doctor

According to a recent Mayo Clinic study, people actually seek healthcare most often for skin issues, joint disorders and back pain.


Sugar, Diabetes and a Call for Regulation

With another study showing how bad sugar can be, the CSPI is petitioning the FDA to regulate the amount of sweeteners added to beverages.

Talking Changes Minds: the Effect of CBT on Depression

A recent study found that cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) in depressed patients made actual changes in brain functioning.

New Medical Specialty Proposed for Combined Depression and Heart Disease

Because there is a strong link between depression and heart disease, a new medical subspecialty has been proposed specifically to study and treat combined depression/heart disease patients.

DNA: the Future of Digital Data Archiving

Researchers from the European Bioinformatics Institute have successfully stored 739 kilobytes of digital data — the most yet — in a short string of DNA.

Ambitious Project Seeks to Map Brain Activity

A new project to map the active human brain may eventually lead to an understanding of human perception and consciousness, as well as therapies for a many neurological disorders.

Voices in the Brain: Disruption of the Default Network Linked to Hallucinations

Recent brain research suggests that the predisposition to hearing voices may relate to different functioning of the brain while at rest.

Using the Phone to Test for Parkinson’s Disease

The Parkinson’s Voice Initiative aims to scale up the detection of Parkinson’s disease and other neurological disorders using a phone-based voice diagnostic test.

Ayasdi Uses Big Data To Fight Cancer

A new startup called Ayasdi uses a mathematical technique called topological data analysis to find unexpected insights in big data.