Monthly Archives: May 2013

Eating More Fiber May Lower Risk of Stroke

According to a new British study, eating more fiber-rich foods appears to lower stroke risk.


Sproxil: Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Healthcare

Sproxil provides a mobile product authentication service to help consumers in the war against fake drugs.

Implantable Blood Testing Laboratory on a Chip

Scientists from Switzerland have developed an implantable blood testing laboratory that provides an immediate analysis of compounds in the body and sends the results directly to a doctor using a patients cell phone.

American Urology Association Changes Position on Routine Prostate Testing

New guidelines from the American Urological Association now say that men under 55 should not get routinely screened with a PSA test for prostate cancer.

Study Finds that Fluoride Reduces Adhesion of Bacteria on Teeth

New evidence from German researchers suggests that fluoride helps to reduce the adhesion of bacteria to teeth.