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Genetic Risk Factor for Alzheimer’s Disease Impacts the Blood Brain Barrier

According to a recent study, the most common genetic risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease disrupts the blood brain barrier.

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New Recommendations May Retire Doctor’s White Lab Coat

The white lab coat patients are accustomed to seeing doctors wear may soon be a thing of the past.

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Wayfinding: A Remedy for Poor Hospital Design

If you’ve ever tried to find the right entrance or navigate the maze of hallways, then you know: hospitals have a design problem.

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Pain and the Prognosis for Dementia

Pain may provide one of the strongest predictors yet identified for Alzheimer’s disease.

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Scientists Hit Limit of Time to Read Scholarly Articles

A 35-year trend of researchers reading an increasing number of scholarly manuscripts appears to be leveling off.

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Teens’ Poor Breakfast Choices Predict Obesity, High Blood Sugar as Adults

A recent study found that teenagers who don’t eat a good breakfast are more likely to be obese and have high blood sugar in adulthood.

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Study: Why Cancer Incidence May Increase with Age

Age-associated changes in a process that helps control genes may be responsible for some of the increased risk of cancer seen in older people.

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Google Building ‘Smart’ Contact Lens for Diabetics

Google recently announced that it’s building a “smart contact lens” to help diabetics keep track of their glucose levels.

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CVS to Stop Selling Tobacco Products

CVS announced that it will stop selling tobacco products, stating that it is inconsistent with the company’s purpose of supporting health.

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Johnson & Johnson to Make Clinical Trial Data Open

Johnson & Johnson (J&J) recently announced that it will make all of its clinical trial data publicly available.

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