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The Brain’s GPS System and the Nobel Prize for Medicine

On Monday, the 2014 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was awarded to three scientists for their discoveries of cells that constitute an “inner GPS” in the brain.


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Pain and the Prognosis for Dementia

Pain may provide one of the strongest predictors yet identified for Alzheimer’s disease.


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Age Does Not Impair Decision-making, Provides Some Cognitive Benefits

Contrary to the widely held belief that cognitive function starts to decline in the mid-forties, a new study finds that aging does not correlate with a decrease in decision-making ability.


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Disorganized Patches in the Brain Suggest Prenatal Origin of Autism

A new study suggests that brain irregularities in children with autism can be traced back to prenatal development.

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Brain-mapping Projects to Collaborate, Share Data

Two ambitious and controversial government-backed initiatives that aim to decode the brain are poised to join forces.

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